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The Patriots Survival Guide

You now have full access to the Patriots Survival Guide and the Windows Leash available here on Obeyful.

Sign the Most Important Petition in History to Use Only Paper Ballots for Fair Elections
As you know, we have been sounding the alarm for over three years to get rid of all electronic voting machines in our elections and to bring back hand-counted paper ballots.

Sign The Petition:

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is coming!

The Patriots Survival Guide

You want to survive. The Patriots Survival Guide provides you with…

Information concerning the 2020 presidential election steal

Meet Fiona Lashells, one brave 8-year-old little girl who stood up for herself…

Sign the Most Important Petition in History! Petition County Officials to Use Only Paper Ballots for Fair Elections.

Patriots learn how to survive, no matter what. In this section you will find information on what to eat, how to maintain and improve your health, and how to protect your family and friends. What you learn here will help you survive what is coming.
Sick of all the censorship in your life? We recommend independent forum communities where people can say what they what without fear of repercussions. These forums are full of patriots who post actively—you’ll meet many like-minded people. Join the crowd and interact with fellow supporters of President Donald J. Trump.
Tired of all the fake news? This is an alternative way to stay informed of the latest developments in the world. You’ll find recommendations of patriot-run podcasts and news websites.
Gold and silver are valuable investment vehicles. Visit this section for tips on how to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals.
Want a good laugh? Sometimes you just need to distract yourself with an enjoyable video. This section recommends worthwhile entertainment, from sports to comedy to outdoor activities. Love exploration? Watch an urban explorer in abandoned locations. Want to see the country? Learn how to go trucking with a real-life trucker. Want to improve your chances of survival? Hear about medical emergencies from people who made the wrong choices in life. This is your new entertainment portal.