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Train The Ideal Dream Girl

“21st Century Subliminal Messages”
“Neural Reconditioning For Girls”

Welcome to the specialized world of subliminal training with Trainer81. Starting in 2007, I dedicated myself to helping the average man guide their girls toward submissive and obedient behavior using unique Subliminal MP3 programs. Crafted to be undetectable by the conscious mind but fully picked up by the subconscious, these programs enforce obedient and habit-forming behavior in a firm yet loving way.

Whether for your girlfriend, wife, or even a slave girl, Obeyful’s services offer a tailored approach to training, with ready to download Subliminal MP3 programs and the possibility to create your own subliminal messages. Explore the transformative power of subliminal messaging and take control of your relationship today by training yourself a dream girl.

Empower Your Relationship with Subliminal Training: Meet Trainer81

I am known as Trainer81, specializing in helping men train their girls toward submissive and obedient behavior. Since 2007, I’ve focused on using subliminal messages to help foster self-loving and obedient attitudes in girls.

By offering unique Subliminal MP3 programs through Obeyful. These programs are designed to be undetectable to the conscious mind but can influence thoughts and behavior at the subconscious level, promoting loyalty, good behavior, and compliance while listening to one of the following selections from Ocean Waves, Rain sounds and a unnoticeable background, we call Silent a new age method.

Our subliminal messages offer positive reinforcement for training your girl. Whatever your goals are, our subliminal messaging can help you achieve them, all thanks to Obeyful’s specialized MP3 programs.I am Courtney

You’ll receive informative eBooks teaching you how to use these programs to train your dream girl according to your desires. Learn how to encourage new habits for lasting results with guidance on influencing and encouraging habit-forming behavior.

Obeyful Membership Guide

How Subliminal MP3’s Work eBook
Forming New Habits eBook
Training Girls to Behave eBook
Teaching The Subconscious Mind eBook
How Many Ways to Train a Slave Girl eBook
Growing Long And Beautiful Hair Tips eBook

Let me Build a Custom Subliminal made to you’re exact requirements.

Create your own Subliminal MP3 Programs

The Ultimate Companion is a mind control series created for you by Obeyful.

Membership Details

For a one-time membership fee of $70.00, you get lifetime access to:

  • Downloadable Subliminal MP3 programs and detailed scripts telling you what’s being said in the subliminal messages to your girl.
  • Three easy-to-read eBooks on creating your own Subliminal Messages.
  • Recommendations for background music and software needed for creating your Subliminal MP3 recordings.

Create Your Own Subliminal Messages

As a lifetime member, you’ll learn how to write, record, and tailor your subliminal messages. No special equipment is required; the digital recording is done using specific software provided by Obeyful.  Step-by-step eBooks will share our proven methods.

Why Choose Us

No one knows your girl better than you, which makes our membership a powerful tool to train her exactly how you want. Watch your Girl transform before your eyes with our tailored programs and guidance.

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