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All of our reviews were written by real members who used Obeyful Subliminal MP3 programs for training themselves a self-loving and obedient dream girl. Train the girl of your dreams on how you want her to act, think and behave.

Read the Reviews from real Obeyful users sharing their experiences.

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Effective and Simple

Written By: Jbmannon

I’ve used this system with three different girls over the past few years and in combination with other training this system has proven it’s value. I have recommended it to several others who were looking for effective ways to train their girl using these methods.

Effective, Fast Customer Response

Written By: sayarr11

I played these files for my girl and her truly submissive side emerged. Now she begs for them. Same experience as those below, forgot my login and staff was understanding and prompt.

Works great

Written By: bfd1366

I really like this site a lot. It helps.

simply the best

Written By: jessiets

i have been a member of this site for several years and these files are the real deal. i listen to several of the subliminals and my Master absolutely loves the results. The only thing i can say that is better than the files that are provided is the customer service. i forgot my login credentials and they fixed the issue immediately. Please keep up the good work. i look forward to what comes next

the help

Written By: REM

I have used one on my gf and its doing good now I am going to have one made for me
thank you for and keep the good work going

Amazing Programs!

Written By: nare1191

Works better than I could have ever anticipated, my now fiance thanks to Obeyful she’s MUCH better behaved and obedient to my will. Not a believer in subliminal or hypnosis? TRUST ME! Have patience, support the process with proper behavior, and stick to it. It will prove itself before long.

Obeyful is simply outstanding!

Written By: ninjagami

Obeyful is a pioneer in the subliminal audio industry. Obeyful provides an amazing number of programs, designed and tested to make sure that you are getting the intended results you desired. each program has its own focus and most are short simple and to the point. this helps you maximize the effects of any program used while at the same time giving the listening the flexibility to mix and match programs over the course of use, making it a completely customizable product able to satisfy anyone.

Obeyful doesn’t stop there! in addition to the programs. there is a wealth of information and knowledge available right inside from E-books to forums and blogs. Obeyful encourages its community to come together share information and ideas if your still hesitant about using any pre-made programs. Obeyful gives you the tools and advice to create your very own subliminal Programs from home on your very own computer.

I believe Obeyful is an amazing product. its much more affordable than the pay per download places and also with the community you are getting much more than those other questionable subliminal sites that are just focused on taking your money.

Give Obeyful a try! it is a purchase you wont regret!

Increasingly submissive wife

Written By: cmdrfrog

I found that when used with a traditional behavior modification strategy including adopting a more alpha/dominant personality, my wife has become increasingly submissive and servile. If you have the patience it is worth it!

Great site!

Written By: sunglasses

The expertise here is great. I’ve not used the service much yet due to various personal reasons, but the file I did try seemed to be very effective and the depth of knowledge and help on offer here along with cumulative successes people seem to get with there partners, makes me confidently look forward to being with a much closer more attentive and loving wife.

Wife now submissive

Written By: sexy_cpl

Have been using these programs on wife since 2008 but after computer crash 2 years ago I lost the recordings and have started to notice some loss of submissiveness but still attends to my needs and desires, loves to play and perform kinky sexual acts I like. Having come back I am definitely going to push things forward by trying some new subliminals, custom scripts and a sledgehammer to develop new behaviour. Looking forward to see how she will progress. I highly recommend Obeyful and Trainer81 provides first class customer service and support.

An Excellent Site and Service Platform

Written By: A123

Some of the Subliminals I have used, have improved my quality of life. The support servuce is personal and to the point 🙂
The site itself has transformed itself quite a bit and there is a lot of different subliminals available. .I am looking forward to experiment with the new subliminals

Works perfectly

Written By: fred313

I have been using these programs on myself since 2010. They work and help me to keep my attitude in check. They have made my marriage much more calm and loving. They have not taken away from my personality at all infact, added a happier and more confident innerself. I have found Trainer easy to work with and confidential. As I guess I am one of. The few women on here using these programs for self help that’s important to me.


Written By: ELFWITCH

I have chosen to use these subliminals for years now; I can’t even remember when I became a member. Just recently I decided I hadn’t listened to them for too long and came back to the site to see what’s new and get back into the habit of listening daily, since these tracks relax me and keep me focused on positive thoughts, I still find these tracks absolutely necessary to feel calm. Thanks very much Trainer. 🙂

Excellent service

Written By: masterclose

The customer service here is great. I have just had a custom track created. The expertise and professionalism demonstrated during this painless process has been outstanding.

Slow and steady

Written By: masterjwb007

I have been using The subliminal programs for about 6 Months to return my submissive partner to a happier state. We had quite a large upheaval in our lives and she became angry and frustrated. I realised I had been skimping on her training and have noticed a slow return to the happier, hornier more submissive slut that we both enjoyed previously.

Continuation and positive reinforcement. it does wonders.

From the beginning

Written By: xanith

I found this wonderful place by chance a very long time past now. When the lights were still dim and the dust was still full on the shelves. I have been enthralled with the diversity and expansion of ideas to enhance the already abundant file’s ready to be

Explored here. And the personal service twords my
Questions has been remarkable
.. Thank you weather it have been here or on yahoo.
These recordings have made a world of diffrence in a 35
Year old relationship and sparked those old flames
Of passion and excitement.. Thank you again

I went from almost no sex, to 3-4 times a week

Written By: AGENT007

I went from almost no sex, to about 3-4 times a week. I use subliminals nightly, and have a much more loving and happy wife.

Thanks Trainer

Great Forums

Written By: ricksheaffer2012

The users on the Forums are active and provide great help and feedback

Wife was not submissive

Written By: secspartan

I have a good wife but she has a mind of her own and does not dress very feminine at all. I began using the feminine dress subliminal alone and then some of the submissive wife subliminals. I have regularly been using the rain messages at night for about a month and have seen a change in her dress and she is wanting to please me more. I reinforce her actions by offering to buy her clothing I want to see her in and also by letting her know she’s a good girl when she behaves as I wish. She has taken very well to hearing she’s a good little girl and likes hearing it. I can’t wait to see how she will progress!

Self help for a bitchy spouse

Written By: a_texen

Used the program some on My wife because she was bitching at Me all the time. Now she isn’t so hard and bitchy as before. I’m going play the silent recording more often reinforce and expand on her submissiveness.

From self help to stress relief for the spouse

Written By: jroberts102287

I originally was searching for self help to lose weight. I have lost over 100 lbs since I started using self help programs at Obeyful. Now I’m working with my wife to reduce her stress from work and focus more on our marriage. I have found that using the silent recordings looped 5-6 times played while a ceiling fan is running works great.

wife is subbmisive and loves sex whenever

Written By: caboboy69

Have been using these programs for a few years now and wife has become submissive to my needs and desires and loves to play and perform sexual acts whenever I like, I highly recommend Obeyful.

Hypnosis Journey

Written By: catmaid

I have been taking a journey with hypnosis. I don’t remember how many years now, my husband started me watching, but I have really enjoyed the trip.

It helps me deal with life situations better because I am relaxed and not worrying about everyting all the time.

I have programs I watch on the computer that help me go down very deep. They are nice and comforting. My husband started me on the rain/ocean audios on my MP3 player and I have really enjoyed them. I feel like I depend more on my husband/master to be around to guide me in what I need to do.

Makes me a better submissive wife

Written By: flightyone

I’ve been a member for over a year now and I love these tracks. Unlike most reviewers and members, I am a submissive wife who uses these tracks with the permission of her husband. I loop the Submissive Thoughts Wife and Wife Cocksucker continuously at night at least 3 times per week. They have helped me stay focused on pleasing my husband and reinforcing my submissive desires.

I started listening because I noticed that after a rough day working outside of the home, I felt I lost my focus on our marriage. I’ve used hypnosis in the past for other things and it has been good for me, so we figured why not let me try this.

My husband did review the scripts and pick out which ones to listen to.

Overall I am very pleased and know that without these tracks, I would struggle with balancing my demanding job and my submissive wife nature.

Thank you!!!

Complete Transformation

Written By: pearls.destiny

Although at first I was skeptical of whether subliminals would work,I quickly learned within 15 minutes they are amazing and work very well. Trainer81 provides first class customer service and support.

Cocksucking Subliminal

Written By: loca

after using your program for 15 mins i noticed that i got head straight away even when shes “not in the mood”


Written By: mindlover

I have been studying and utilizing subliminals and NLP for better than 20 yrs. This is one of the best sites I have found in well over a decade for well written material and functional software.

Slave subliminals

Written By: doonaner

After having my wife use the slave subliminal messages she is being much more submissive and I’m seeing a huge change in her behavior.


Written By: trueadept

ive been married 20 years and kind of rocky at times last 5 years…. this past year been playing all night silent subs from fykoo looping 2 or 3 for night a week at a time…
–not as fast doing bjs yet…but most surprisingly, she has become much more loving and respectful..strangly she want to Drive (when its her car–im thinking its her hanging on to “some” control !! Joey

playing with subliminals

Written By: keekeeros

I have been playing with subliminals since the early 80’s. Give them time and they do work! I came to obeyful just as another learning tool and trainer is spot on. plus all the guys connected give help to the utmost. If you want to make your own, all the help you need is right here. no matter what the flavor.

Some progress but not there yet

Written By: brownie

I have been trying silent custom subliminals on my wife for over a year now. I see some small progress in some domains, but not yest the big change that I was hoping for. Possibly this is due however to the fact that i’m trying to realize custom subliminals in dutch, and perhaps there is something wrong in the wording of my phrases. I’m quite convinced though on the effectiveness of these subliminals by readig the reviews from the other members, so I keep on trying. I’m sure I’ll get her where I want.


Written By: ltlhot

I have been using the silent subliminals on wife. Play them at night when she sleeps. I have seen many changes but not as drastic as I wished, yet. I do know it is working and know each person takes a different amount of time. I am glad for this site and look forward to more files. maybe one for dressing more provocatively , something with the kinds of clothing imbedded in the file. thank you for the time you put into the site

not quick change, but good change

Written By: tinman123

If you are looking for quick change in your wife, this is not going to work for you. BUT if you are looking for long lasting, real change you’ve found the secret. I have been using the subliminal messages for about a year and it has made real lasting changes in my wife. It is important to go slow and introduce new things one at a time. My wife of 25 years, who never initiated sex, does so regularly now. She also loves to make me happy in whatever way she can, she loves to put my needs first. The change is for real!! And it did not make her into some robot, it seems to have made her more happy and content as well. Like she is finally free to behave in ways that make me happy and in turn is making her happy. I appreciate all the way that obeyful has improved my marriage!!

a pretty excellent site

Written By: rgerber

This site has taught me many things on subliminal messages. 10/10.

All the general product.

Written By: Kumii0

Personally I noted some lack of reaction in the product but the again after adjustments I found it very helpful and very useful. Desired effects eventually took root.

Fantastic Results

Written By: babf1af2

My wife has always been slightly combative, and never fond of being a ‘giver’ on the oral sex front. After a week of playing a 1-2-3 loop of Converter, Submissive Thoughts, and Cock-Sucker overnight, she’s become a bit softer around the edges and has given me blowjobs three days running without my mentioning it, and her eagerness has reached the point where she all but insisted I get one before getting out of bed this morning. Thank you for helping liven things up!

it’s Werth a trying

Written By: brian

I have seen a differents in my wife over the years. She is less stubborn. My wife what’s to make me happy and she never use to. It’s a slow process for US me learning what I want and my wife learning how to give in to the new way off thinking. But my wife is a red head the process of them she was impossible stubborn to start. Believe me if it can make a difference in my wife it will help you with your goals. Do the reading and go at her paste. Good luck you’ll get there.

My wife now loves sucking my cock

Written By: dviot

Never thought it was possible but she now craves my cock and starts every love making session with a great pipe cleaning. Now I need one that will give her an extreme orgasm every time we make love.


Amazing, Thank You

Written By: vancepane

Using My husband is in charge, my wife and I have stopped fighting. Marriage is now better than it has been in years! Thank You!

I have my hot wife back

Written By: mail4mat

The obeyful subliminals have given me the tools needed to revert my wife back to the loving and alway trying to please girl she once used to be at the beginning of our relationship. It has taken a while due to the fact I did not know what I wanted from the subliminals in the first place which ended up with me playing multiple different subliminals to her which I could not back up with my personality which ended up confusing her. My advice to people plannig to use these subliminals is they do work but just pick one or two of the most specific to the actual changes you want and play a single one on a loop for a period of 3 months or more and changes should set in, also enforce these changes through verbal encouragement and you to can achieve the same results

wife altered

Written By: aary2

great programs started 2 monthes go on wife submissive into the maid files l have more time she looking after kids more just amazing keep great work.

Given time she’ll be come the girl you always wanted

Written By: isteral

The messages in these audios are very good, they gave the results they said they would, but sometimes the person I used them on had minor headaches, she listened to them for me desipite changing the level of the audio to a lesser frequency. The newer audios don’t though so those have given me better results. She loves listening to the for Master sets they relax her.

Response: Yes since the upgrade of Obeyful subliminal downloads last year. Each subliminal program now shows improved results.


Written By: kearnz

Love the subliminal messages, have increased in bonding and happiness with my GF, sex has gone up, and she is much more obedient than she was 4 weeks prior to using the program

Long Term Effects

Written By: Jasetweetie

My wife was abused as a child, and for more than 20 years I’ve been trying to clean up the mess left by those events. It had caused major sex-related issues in our marriage. I showed her this site, let her read the scripts and how it works, and with her full cooperation (which in this case is huge!) signed up. I will admit that I’ve downloaded a few extra subliminals (she hates performing oral sex) but I have yet to use them because we are still dealing with some fundamental issues. In the last year of using the subliminals at night, we have had three or four major breakthroughs in dealing with repressed memories and trust issues that stem from her abusive history. My wife has shown real progress in becoming more submissive and more open to sex, she is more passionate during sex, and more affectionate in general. We’ve gone from intercourse 2-4 times per year to 3-5 times per month. We have talked through some really, really heavy and hard issues and have a better marriage as a result. We are still using the subliminals every night, and I recently ordered a VIP membership to start hypnosis training with her. We haven’t started that yet due to some health issues, but we both think it will help us get past the next hurdles we face as a couple. Bottom line, my wife is healthier mentally and emotionally, our sex life is much improved, and our marriage is stronger thanks to Obeyful products. My wife isn’t what we both want her to be yet, but we are much closer to it because of this sight. Thank you, Trainer81, for giving me a happier wife.


Written By: bluesandblack

This really works but you must keep at it.

Feminine Dress Code

Written By: VRamone

Hello, I´ve been using “Feminine Dress Code” and putting my wife to listen to it without her knowing, using Lee mp3 player. Although it´s not to the point i´d want it, I can see already some changes and she´s asking more my opinion about her clothes. I´d continue using and hopefully everything will go smoothly. Great site!

slow but significant changes

Written By: jeager

I’ve been using a selection of subliminal for a several months now, ever since she declared she wanted to expand our marriage and see a dom outside of it. She has gone from merely playing sub to myself as she has in the past to seeing myself as her master and seeking to please me however she can, whether it be (reluctantly still) wetting herself, sexual, or more domestic chores.

helping the sex life

Written By: bodgerwgc

the few that I have been playing for the wife has helped our fun a lot, she is even trying some things that she would never do and seems to be happy doing the at her own request.

Amazing silent track!

Written By: minazi

I have used the “lose weight now-silent” for almost a year. I play it through my sound system while I sleep and at first didn’t think it was working. But I kept playing it every night and after about 2 months and about 10 lbs I started noticing the changes. They weren’t big or dramatic changes. Just enough to make a difference. I was starting to eat smaller, healthier portions. I was walking two blocks to the store instead of driving. That’s how it started. I wasn’t even trying or telling myself to do it, I was just doing it. It just grew from there. I still don’t go to the gym, (I HATE excersise!) but I stay active and physical. Almost a year later and I’ve lost almost 60lbs!!! That’s my proof these programs work! THANK YOU Obeyful!!!

Thanks Obeyful!

Written By: j66r

Good to hear. I too have a similar thing going on here. It is my in-laws anniversary this weekend and my wife is heading there today to go visit. She visits her family a couple time a year. Normally when she goes “home” to visit she spends the week beforehand doing everything she can to make me angry and make the separation even more miserable. I don’t know if it her way of trying to make leaving easier or if she was just evil enough to get the jab in there so I would be in pain the entire time she was gone. Also, whenever I get sick she usually spends the whole time telling me what a baby and a wuss I am.

On both fronts this time has been different. She has been very nice and sweet this past week telling me she’ll miss me. I have also been sick with a nasty cold the past couple of days and she has been caring and concerned telling me she hopes I feel better soon, bringing me medication and even sitting beside me and just being there when I took the medication and took a nap.

I dig the strip tease (which she did again last night and even handed me a flashlight to use as a “spotlight” for the “show”), the blow jobs, the sex several time a week, cumming in her mouth and as much as I want her to swallow, this is the stuff that really makes me feel that REAL changes are happening inside her head. Even though the sexual things are often done with reserve or reticence, it’s just the plain old acting like she cares for me that she has been doing lately that is got me to keep continuing on.

Glad you’re seeing some of the same kind of progress.

Great custom Trainer thanks

Written By: Master Blaster

Wow Trainer did a great job on my custom I will obey program. I’m getting no more back talk from my slave girl.

The reason for the custom was because I wanted a sledgehammer version!

Member since for awhile now

Written By: mrj

Hi there,

I paid for a lifetime subscription in April 2010.

BTW. Just wanted you to know that your programs saved my marriage. My marriage was going on 5 years sexless, now we have a normal sexual relationship. It was the submissive wife thoughts and the good cock sucker programs.

My girl is a willing submissive now thanks

Written By: KitStawell

She has been listening to your original work for me, every night all night for about a month now, and I am definitely starting to see changes. She is much more willing to have sex and do new things than before, and is eager and excited about trying them instead of unwilling

My girl is great

Written By: Yur74

I started using the the “I will obey” silent, 2 weeks ago, and this week “Submissive thought wife” Silent, this week, She is a completely different person today, very submissive and willing to pretty much do what i ask. Great silent programs so far

Obeyful saved my marriage

Written By: EmilyLozano

Obeyful saved my marriage and made me a better submissive for it.

My 24//7 maid

Written By: fionarogers

I now have a slave girl living in my home 24/7 wearing a short maid uniform! All thanks to Obeyful.

The silent tracks are wonderful

Written By: Terryake1

I am excited to say that the silent tracks I have been playing on my notebook next to my wife appear to be having an effect on her. Although she has always enjoyed sucking my cock, after about a week and a half of listening to a mix of four tracks, including the cocksucker track, she is always very eager to suck on my cock. I have been reinforcing the training by talking to her as she sucks on my cock; “You are a good sex-slave, you make your Master feel so good when you suck my cock” I have had a special program built by trainer for anal sex, she has been listening to it for about a total of 12 – 15 hours already. Normally she doesn’t like me playing with her asshole at all. Last night she was humping back against my finger as I pumped her tight little rosebud, she came at least five times with my finger only an inch in her ass. WOW!

I love my submissive girl only 2 weeks now

Written By: caboboy69

After just a mere 2 1/2 wks she has become very submissive, always ask my opinion on everything and is becoming very affectionate especially in bed . I have the program on silent on my computer and a digital picture frame in the family room and they both are running in loop so when ever she’s on the computer or reading or cooking she is getting her lessons, she”ll be starting on set 2 this week and see how fast she progress’s with this one, but if it’s anything like set1 it’ll be awesome Thanks trainer 81 keep up the great work!!!!


Thanks to Obeyful for all the help

Written By: Housecalls07

If anybody has any doubts about how effective this is, they should really consider this. My girl has only listened to the program for 2 weeks (actually she missed one day). I had her listen to the Ocean Converter for the first week and the Submissive Thoughts Wife program for the second week. At the end of that 2 week period, she is much more submissive, a lot calmer in general, she is much happier about our relationship, and she has shared how much she has really enjoyed what she sees as me stepping up and taking charge (actually it is her not fighting for control as much). In addition, she has started to make the choice herself to start wearing lingerie and doing other things like that for my enjoyment and pleasure. She has been much more attentive to my needs and has been a wonderful pleasure to spend time with. Ultimately we are both much happier and our relationship has been more rewarding and fulfilling. Even if I switched programs every week to continue to help mold and train her, I wouldn’t run out of new programs for over 3 months! What could you possibly have to lose? Even if you never got past the first program (the Ocean Converter) you would still notice HUGE improvements to your girl. Why would you even THINK about passing up on the opportunity for happiness and fulfillment for you and your girl in your relationship for little more then the cost of a CD? Think what you have wasted on junk that you never use…. now imagine what your life could be like with your Dream Girl! If you are only thinking about whether you should do this, do it. If you haven’t gotten started training your girl, start now! Trainer81, Thanks for everything! This has been the answer to many long prayers to bring about the relationship I have dreamed of. If anybody wishes to email me with any questions I would be more then happy to share my success.

Only two weeks and I’m seeing results

Written By: profound_trance

I’m only about two weeks into the program and seeing good changes so far. But I’ll give a full testimonial later when she is further along. What I did want to give a testimonial about is about Trainer81′s service. He is has great insight into his products and is readily there for you to ask questions or give your feedback. I have been very impressed with everything and his especially support. So if you have any questions about his subscription or his products just contact him. I will tell you first hand that Trainer81 will stand by his products and give you all the support that you need.

Getting the most out of my girl

Written By: Housecalls07

I have been posting my training program under the “chat” folder. But I wanted to reiterate the incredible difference I have noticed in my girl after just the first week. Trainer81 (owner of Obeyful) has been a HUGE help in getting me started, and giving me feedback on how to get the most out of my training–so I can get the most out of my girl.