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Subliminal Downloads

Wife Subliminal Programs

Download these Subliminal MP3 programs for training your Wife in submission and obedience.

1955 House Wife – Subliminal

Using this subliminal program will influence the 1955 house wife traditional setting for your girl.

Where she will learn to tend to the needs of the household and her loving husband.

Release Date: Dec 19, 2012

A Good Wife – Subliminal

Using the Good Wife subliminal program will make your wife easier to get along with.

She will want to be a good wife.
She will want to be easy to get along with.
She will want to please you.

A Wife’s Place – Subliminal

Using this subliminal will help your wife to become the homemaker you’ve always wanted her to be.

She will learn that her place in the home.
She will become a good homemaker.
She will serve her Husband.

Wife’s Future – Subliminal

Using this subliminal your wife will be open to having you plan her future.

She will want to do anything for you.
She will want to obey you.

Wife’s Cock Sucker – Subliminal

Using this subliminal she will learn to suck cock and enjoy it.

Wife Identity – Subliminal

Using this subliminal program you can help your Wife build a whole new identity around you.

Go slow and enforcing new habit forming behavior.

The Supportive Wife – Subliminal

This is a simple subliminal that teach your Wife to be supportive of her Husband.

She will learn to support her Husband.
She will let her Husband make all the decisions.
She will will love her Husband deeply.

Go slow with this subliminal program and she’ll become the supportive wife you’ve always wanted.

The Nice Wife – Subliminal

Using this subliminal program will help your wife be nicer to you.

She will learn to be kind.
She will learn to be nice.
She will learn to respect you.

Stay at Home Wife – Subliminal

Using this subliminal program you’ll be able to train yourself a stay at home Wife tending to the home and becoming submissive in the process.

She will want to tend to the home.
She will want to be a stay at home Wife.

Having her listen to this new ‘Submissive Wife Training’ program she’ll put her Husband’s needs before her own.

Go slow using this subliminal not to overwhelm so she can have a good experience.

Smart Shopper – Subliminal

As the title states this subliminal will make your wife a smart shopper by giving her proper sense of what money is. She will accept an allowance and love you for putting her on a budget.