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Subliminal Downloads

Mind Control Subliminal Programs

These ready-to-download Subliminal MP3 programs are a continuing extension of The Ultimate Companion an insightful mind control series for training self-loving and obedient dream girls. You can use these programs to further train your girlfriend, wife, or even a slave girl on how you want her to look, act, think and behave for you.

Inner Voice Converter – Mind Control Subliminal

The ‘Inner Voice Converter’ will encourage results when speaking directly to the subconscious in preparing her for the subliminal messages. Whether its the Mind Control Subliminal Programs or the standard Subliminal MP3 programs available here on Obeyful.

By listening to the ‘Inner Voice Converter’ this subliminal program will subconsciously be spoken by Amber, a high quality text-speech-voice used in the recordings of all our Subliminal Downloads for training your girlfriend, wife, or even a slave girl.

I Will Wear Pretty Clothes – Mind Control Subliminal

This subliminal program will encourage her in wanting to wear pretty clothes and find enjoyment in looking pretty.

She will find herself feeling good wearing pretty clothes.

I Am a Pretty Girl – Mind Control Subliminal

When listening to this subliminal program, you should have no trouble molding her thoughts to becoming a pretty little girl for you.

She will learn to act, think and wanting to look pretty for men.

I Love The Color Pink – Mind Control Subliminal

By having your girl listen to this feminine subliminal program, pink will become her favorite color.

She will love the color pink and want to wear pink clothing.

Growing Long And Beautiful Hair – Mind Control Subliminal

By listening to this hair growth motivation subliminal program, she will want to grow long and beautiful hair.

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Girls Are Seen Not Heard – Mind Control Subliminal

When listening to this subliminal program, she will come to believe that she is inferior and that she should be seen and not heard.