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Create your own Subliminal MP3 Programs

When you obtain an Obeyful membership, not only will you gain access to the Subliminal Downloads and the following eBooks. We will show you how to create your OWN professional custom subliminal messages using the same methods Obeyful uses. Methods that have been proven to work. We will show you how to easily write your own subliminal messages and record them correctly, and save the audio file as an MP3 you can play anywhere and anytime.

Imagine the possibilities of creating your own silent subliminal programs that will get right into your girl’s head with the behavior and thinking you want for her.

Creating your own silent subliminal programs doesn’t even require speakers or a microphone! The digital recording is all done by using our special apps and our knowledge in making these new-age Silent subliminal programs step-by-step.

No one knows your girl better than you do, which is what makes Obeyful’s membership so powerful; you get right to the heart of the matter and steer your wife and girlfriend, or even a slave girl, exactly where you want her to go.

Using only your PC you can learn how to make silent subliminal programs in three easy-to-read eBooks.

And, as a bonus, we will give you access to downloadable MP3 Music. The same background music Obeyful uses for the downloadable Subliminal MP3 programs.

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